Insidious (2011)

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Watch Insidious online here at April 2011 is coming and start this month with this thrilling and horrifying film entitled "Insidious" which theater release date is April 1, 2011. It stars Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Andrew Astor, Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan - the same guy behind the successful horror serial killer series, SAW and the Dead Silence. James Wan worked with the people behind Paranormal Activity to make this film. Insidious is not an ordinary horror film and not the serial killer type but quite much darker theme than the previous film of Wan. It surrounds with the horrifying story of a family who believed that they live in a haunted house and made their son to fall into coma. They left the house to escape the said haunting but only discovered that the home that they left was not the entity that is possessed but their son in coma is the one who is attracting the dark spirits that haunting them. Dalton's mind is trapped in the so-called The Further, a dark realm and will this kid survive this terrifying experiences in the unknown? Well, watch the following full trailer of the movie for you to have an idea on what is the result of combining the Paranormal Activity and SAW minds.
[youtube 560 349]
Now if you want to watch Insidious online full movie here at then check it out here later after April 1. It will be shared here as soon as it is available on the web.




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