Power Rangers

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited and try save Angel Grove from the evil witch Rita Repulsa and later Lord Zedd Emperor of all he sees and their horde of monsters. As[...]

August 28, 1983 (US)
Power (2014)

POWER is a crime drama series that tells the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who caters to the city’s elite. He wants[...]

June 7, 2014 (US)
The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

The city of Townsville may be a beautiful, bustling metropolis, but don’t be fooled! There’s evil afoot! And only three things can keep the bad guys at bay: Blossom, Bu[...]

April 4, 2016
Money Power Respect

Money Power Respect (formally \”Ladies of Law\”) follows a group of four interconnected, powerful and glamorous African American female lawyers specializing in entertai[...]

October 13, 2016

In the first comedy series set in the universe of DC Comics, Vanessa Hudgens (Grease Live, High School Musical) plays Emily, a spunky young insurance adjuster specializing in regul[...]

February 2, 2017
Powers (2015)

Powers is a superhero fantasy, crime noir and police procedural series which is set in a world full of people with superhuman abilities and where all of those powers are just anoth[...]

March 10, 2015 (US)
Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks

Lost for 50 years, and now regenerated with stunning hand-drawn black and white animation, synchronised with a digitally remastered recording of the original 1966 audio, a true cla[...]

November 5, 2016
Wikileaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower

It was the biggest information leak in US diplomatic history [...]

March 21, 2012 (US)