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The Last Ship
The Last Ship is an action-packed drama series, based on the popular novel by William Brinkley. In the series, a global virus pandemic nearly obliterates the earth’s populati[...]

June 22, 2014 (US)
Robot Chicken
Using stop motion, claymation and irreverent humor, Seth Green and Matthew Seinrech lambast pop culture and current events. Robot Chicken is a multi award-winning rapid-fire satire[...]

February 20, 2005 (US)
Survivor is an American version of the Survivor reality television game show, itself derived from the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson originally created in 1997 by Ch[...]

May 31, 2000 (US)
Focuses on the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern day African-American woman through the eyes of Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae. Jay Ellis will play Lawrence, Issa[...]

October 9, 2016
Masterchef UK
Amateur cooks compete to win the coveted MasterChef title. There were nine heats leading up to three semifinals and a final, in which they competed for the title of Masterchef. The[...]

July, 2, 1990 (US)
Series exploring topical scientific issues and their effects for the future. Horizon is the BBC2 documentary that explores and educates us about controversial and life changing thi[...]

1964 (US)
Dancing On Ice
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby present a celebrity ice-skating contest, as ten famous faces – all novices in the sport – take to the ice with professional partn[...]

January 14, 2006 (US)
Undercover Boss
Undercover Boss is a reality series that follows corporate executives who work undercover in their own companies to personally examine their organization’s operations. [...]

February 7, 2010 (US)
The Only Way Is Essex
The Only Way Is Essex, (often abbreviated as TOWIE) is a dramality show based in Essex, England. It shows “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in [...]

October 10, 2010 (UK)
The Voice (Australia)
The Voice (AU) is a competition show version of “The Voice” where the best of the best singers compete against each other in a competition to be able to be coached by t[...]

April 15, 2012 (AU)
Narcos is a television series that chronicles the life and death of drug lord Pablo Escobar the ruthless boss of the Medellin Cartel and a known terrorist who was also a congressma[...]

August 28, 2015
Caraoke Showdown
Caraoke Showdown features Craig Robinson posing as a driver, picking up unsuspecting contestants who are along for a very unique ride upon realizing they are on a karaoke-inspired [...]

January 12, 2017
At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. At the cen[...]

September 17, 2009 (US)
Extreme Couponing
Extreme Couponing is an American reality television show that follows shoppers who make extensive and focused use of coupons to save money while accumulating large quantities of go[...]

April 6, 2011 (US)
Robot Wars
40 teams of amateur robot fighting enthusiasts battle it out over a series of rounds in a huge purpose-built arena aiming to become the Robot Wars Champion. [...]

July 24, 2016
Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu
Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master by using the Four Elemental Weapons of Spinjitzu; weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their[...]

January 14, 2011 (US)
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Ever since her short-lived stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic, badass private detect[...]

November 20, 2015
Real Time With Bill Maher
“Real Time with Bill Maher” is a weekly HBO talk show series hosted by comedian and political satirist Bill Maher. Episodes include an opening political sketch, a monol[...]

February 21, 2003 (US)
Masterchef (US)
Masterchef (US) is the American reality cooking show where amateur and home chefs compete. The 2nd season was hosted/presented by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. [...]

July 27, 2010
L.A. Hair
When it comes to celebrity hair, Kim Kimble is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. From movies to music, Kim is an image maker and a trendsetter. Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Kelly R[...]

May 31, 2012 (US)
Following the antics of two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, Tanked dunks viewers into the high-decibel, family-owned business [...]

August 7, 2011 (US)
The Bachelor AU
“The Bachelor Australia” will give one Australian bachelor and 25 bachelorettes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find true love. The Bachelor is 30-year-old Tim Roba[...]

September 8, 2013 (US)
Bob's Burgers
From the creator of Home Movies comes a new animated show on Fox. “Bob’s Burgers” it’s about a guy (Bob) who runs a burger grill at an East Coast seaside to[...]

January 9, 2011 (US)
The Simpsons
The Simpsons is an animated series that centers with a satirical parody of a working class American lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of Homer, Ma[...]

December 17, 1989 (US)
“Prospectors” follows a group of miners searching for the rarest gems in order to strike it rich. However, they risk life and limb daily as they face extreme climates, [...]

March 26, 2013
American Dad
American Dad is a US animated series that surround with the domestic life of Stan Smith, a staunchly conservative Republican CIA agent and self-proclaimed patriot. Featured voices [...]

February 6, 2005 (US)
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race is a reality television racing game show in which teams of 2 people, who have some form of a preexisting personal connections, race around the world in competition[...]

September 5, 2001 (US)
Paranormal Witness
Paranormal Witness is an intense, cinematic, high-octane docu-drama that brings to life the true stories of people who have lived through explanation-defying paranormal experiences[...]

September 7, 2011 (US)
SAS: Who Dares Wins
Selection for the SAS is one of the world’s toughest job interviews and physical fitness is only the starting point. What’s really being tested is psychological resilie[...]

October 19, 2015
The Cleveland Show
The Cleveland Show is animated adult comedy series centers with the life of father Cleveland Brown, who was a featured character on Family Guy. His son Cleveland Jr. was also on Fa[...]

September 27, 2009 (US)
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