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The Keith and Paddy Picture ShowSeason 2, Episode 2Top Gun12:00 AM / ITVno link
My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicSeason 8, Episode 6Surf and/or Turf10:00 AM / The Hubno link
All Girls GarageSeason 7, Episode 8Cutlass Convertible Repair10:30 AM / Velocityno link
Innovation NationSeason 4, Episode 21Magnetic Design10:30 AM / CBSno link
Valerie's Home CookingSeason 8, Episode 7Happy Birthday, Luna12:00 PM / Food Networkno link
Thunderbirds Are Go!Season 3, Episode 4Night and Day05:00 PM / iTVno link
Match of the DaySeason 2018, Episode 53MOTD Live: FA Cup - Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur05:20 PM / BBC One (UK)no link
Match of the DaySeason 2018, Episode 54MOTD - 21st April 201805:20 PM / BBC One (UK)no link
Match of the DaySeason 2018, Episode 55MOTD: FA Cup Highlights05:20 PM / BBC One (UK)no link
Martha BakesSeason 9, Episode 12Italy - Classic07:00 PM / no link
Ninja Warrior UKSeason 4, Episode 2Heat 207:00 PM / iTVno link
RansomSeason 2, Episode 3Secrets and Spies08:00 PM / CBSno link
Britain's Got TalentSeason 12, Episode 2Auditions 208:00 PM / iTVno link
Murder Made Me FamousSeason 5, Episode 2Heaven’s Gate09:00 PM / ReelzChannelno link
Britain's Got More TalentSeason 12, Episode 2Episode 209:00 PM / iTV2no link
Live PDSeason 2, Episode 5004.21.1809:00 PM / A&Eno link
Iyanla Fix My LifeSeason 8, Episode 9Sex Workers: Addicted To The Struggle10:00 PM / OWNno link
The Zoo (2017)Season 2, Episode 7The Eagle Has Landed10:00 PM / Animal Planetno link