60 Minutes Season 44 Episode 37 – Defense Secretary Panetta, Big Game Hunting, Parker And Stone

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Summary: He’s balanced the budget, run the CIA and eliminated Osama bin Laden. Now, Leon Panetta takes on another great challenge as U.S. Secretary of Defense, with massive responsibilities, including keeping Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. Scott Pelley reports. The same kinds of exotic, sometimes endangered, big game species found in places like Africa can be hunted here in the U.S. for a price. The ranchers who breed them claim to be preserving them, a notion animal rights people strongly disagree with. Lara Logan reports. Steve Kroft talks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of Comedy Central’s “South Park” and follows the process that each week produces another scathing and hilarious episode for the biggest hit on basic cable television. Now the disrespectful duo also have one of the biggest hits on Broadway, the musical comedy “The Book of Mormon”.