Cajun Justice Season 1 Episode 4 – Full Moon Madness

Air Date : Jun 14 2012 | 150 Views | 0 comment(s) |

Summary: The strangest and eeriest calls on the bayou happen at night, especially when a full moon shines overhead. Detective Terry Daigre has been trying to track down a gang of thieves that are preying on empty camps in the deep bayou, and when Sgt. Dudley “DJ” Authement calls him with a fresh lead on the night of the full moon, it’s the first clue that leads to a wild and action-packed manhunt. Also, Deputy Melissa “Catfish” Quintal gets the strangest call of the night when she’s dispatched to a horse stable where all of the horses manes and tails have been braided. The distraught woman who called in the complaint believes it’s the work of the “Lutin,” a mischievous spirit of an un-baptized baby ghost.


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