Flipped Off Season 1 Episode 1 – I Smell a Rat

Air Date : Apr 28 2012 | 189 Views | 0 comment(s) |

Summary: Russell Hantz and his big brother Shawn are about to flip their first house, and they’re bringing in Kristen, one of Houston’s toughest and most beautiful real estate agents. Shawn gets upset when he starts feeling like a third wheel, and Kristen can barely believe the level of family dysfunction between the brothers. To save a few bucks, Russell lets Shawn do the house inspection, but almost immediately things start to go wrong. With budget overages surging and Russell’s marriage on the rocks, the “Survivor” spins out of control when he confronts a police officer about some stolen wood. Russell’s first flip could be his last as he struggles to get the project done and make some money.