In the Long Run Season 1 Episode 5 – Episode Five

Airdate : Mar 29 2018 | 39 Views | 12 Link Submissions | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Valentine is excited by his relationship with Adelaide, a British-born woman of Sierra Leone heritage he met at the engagement party. Walter and Agnes can tell she is different from his usual conquests, but the relationship is cut short by Adelaide, who doesn’t feel she and Valentine are a true match.Bagpipes and Kirsty take a long-awaited romantic holiday… in a motorhome in Essex. Kirsty fixates on spicing up their sex life with role play and even some ‘al fresco’ fun, but Bagpipes is less convinced and when the pair stumble on to a development site for new-build homes, he jumps at the chance for a viewing. They’re both excited by the idea of a new start and put in an offer.Meanwhile, Agnes is inspired to learn to drive. She starts taking lessons with Walter but quickly realises not even the strongest of marriages is road-rage proof. Exasperated, she convinces a heartbroken Valentine to take over as instructor, and uses it as a chance to offer some sage advice.