Mob Wives Chicago Season 1 Episode 2 – The Aftermath

Air Date : Jun 17 2012 | 296 Views | 0 comment(s) |

Summary: The fight at The Wit takes an even uglier turn, and after it’s over Christina finds herself not only on the outs with her former best friend Pia, but also shunned by Renee and Nora. Shaken up, Christina seeks advice from Leah on how to deal with the aftermath. After some tough talk, Christina decides to confront Nora and Pia. Equally shocked and hurt by the behavior of her friend, Pia struggles to make sense of it all while continuing to fend off the badgering of an increasingly hostile and judgmental Renee. Meanwhile, Renee is confronted by an old nemesis of her own, her ex-husband who is seeking sole custody of her youngest daughter, Isabella. And, as she begins her journey to find out the truth behind her father’s mysterious death and burial, Nora offers emotional support to both, Renee and Pia, with mixed results.