Teen Wolf Season 0 Episode 2 – Search for a Cure (2)

Airdate : Jun 29 2011 | 118 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Episode 2 begins with Stiles telling Scott, “This is the guy. This is your cure.” Stiles tells Scott the man’s name is Dr. Conrad Haberlind. He changed his name to Fenris due to the reaction of his colleagues when detailing his research on werewolves.Scott asks Stiles, Ok. So what makes you so sure he’s got a cure? Stiles says he not sure but that he has reason to believe Fenris might due to information Stiles has gathered watching other videos on Fenris.Scott and Stiles watch more of the video. Stiles tells Scott that Fenris is the closet thing they got to a certified expert. In the end, Scott asks, how are we going to find this guy? Stiles replies, “I already did.” Dr. Fenris is seen leaving a building.