Teen Wolf Season 0 Episode 4 – Search for a Cure (4)

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Summary: In Episode 4, Stiles executes his plan B on Dr. Fenris. In this case plan B is to break into his house to see him. Scott says it’s a bad idea. Stiles says he says all of his ideas are bad. Scott answers by saying because they are all bad. Stiles replies, “You learn more from failures than successes.” Scott replies back, Well, you must be a genius by now.”Stiles attemtps to break through the window but can’t. Scott laughs and says, ” What did we learn from that failure?” Stiles sarcastically laughs and replies, “Oh, that’s funny. Wolf’s got jokes tonight!”Scott, then looks under the mat near the door. As expected, he finds a spare key. The two let themselves in. Scott says what will they do now. Stiles wants to steal all of the files Fenris has on werewolves and put it on his phone.Fenris appears with a gun and sarcastically says to Stiles it’s a good plan. Scott and Stiles look on in horror as they have been discovered.