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It is Not Just a Zombie Series

The Walking Dead
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There's a lot of zombie shows and movies out there but The Walking Dead is quite different from them. It doesn't only shows a great special effects portraying the flesh eating rotting dead but it shows great drama that hits the viewers straight in the heart. We can feel how the survivors feel as they effectively give us "the feels" of being a survivor of this kind of end of man kind. Great job to the creator and the actors are superb.

TWD Season 6 Ended with Cliffhangers

The Walking Dead
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Season 6 finale is full of cliffhangers and fans are eager to wait for season 7 a well played to make fans to wait more months. That exception is what everyone will be talking about for the next few days living up so high as Negan will show up. The episode didn’t show us whom he killed. It was a surprising end to a week filled with speculation about whom the core victim would be. Glenn and Abraham seemed to be the two most popular predictions. So I guess the writers deserve credit for coming up with what might have been for most of us the only truly shocking outcome. But that will most likely be of little comfort to viewers who already had their patience tested by Glenn’s nondeath this season. Many wondered if that was a sort of prelude to the Negan murder, one intended to either foreshadow Glenn’s departure or perhaps misdirect viewers.My own personal, perhaps not totally sane conspiracy theory was that the show was focus-group testing Glenn’s death. Throw in the fact that even the actors claim to be in the dark, and it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to wonder to what extent the move was a cop-out, a way to put off dealing with the issue until Season 7.

Gory with Great Drama!

The Walking Dead
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The best zombie series ever! I can't think of any show today that can beat this in the top spot of zombie TV series ranking... the drama and the thrill that you can get from every episode of survival and fighting against rotting corpses is priceless.


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